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6 Reasons To Invest in the Everlasting Comfort Best Magnetic Screen Door

Have you ever had that super frustrating experience where you forget that you have a screen door, so you walk directly into it face first? This clumsy moment is one that will not only leave you in a bit of pain but equally will cause you some humiliation as well. The bowl of chips have likely gone flying everywhere, the crowd who witnessed this are laughing and you are feeling all the emotions.

If this situation has ever occurred to you, then you certainly could use an Everlasting Comfort best magnetic screen door.

The reason that magnetic screen doors are so great is that there is no sliding involved. What exactly is a magnetic screen door? Designed to act like curtains to your door frame, this innovative design prevents you from ever having to worry about running into a door again. Instead, you will essentially have a set of outdoor curtains that not only prevent bugs from getting in but prevent you from getting knocked back off your feet.

The magnetic screen door works by attaching the two mesh panels to the door frame. So the door can stay open, the screen stays put and you can walk through the middle with your hands full of food. It is essentially a magical door that is absolutely a game changer for many households.

Here are all the reasons why you should look at investing in one of these screen doors and how it is going to make your life better

  1. Keep Bugs Out of the House

One of the main reasons that you likely wanted a screen door, to begin with, is to keep the bugs out of your house. With a magnetic screen door, you can still accomplish this too while still allowing your home to get all the fresh air inside. The mesh material allows the wonderful breeze to blow through while preventing those pesky bugs from coming within.

Especially in the summer and spring when the sunshine is out for longer and the air is warmer, you will want ways for fresh air to circulate in your house without risking inviting all the creepy crawlers in.

  1. Easy Access In and Out

One of the biggest downfalls of having a screen door is the fact that you need to use your hands or feet to slide it open to get through. This is especially difficult when you are hosting a backyard party and want to bring more food and drinks out—and you simply do not have your hands available. But with this magnetic screen door, you can easily get in and out of the house without needing your hands or feet at all. This is because you can simply go right through the middle of the two mesh curtains by just walking through it.

  1. Great for Families

Another great reason to invest in a magnetic screen door is that it is so easy for kids to get through too. Especially for the little ones who might not yet be able to reach the handles of the sliding door, a magnetic screen door allows them to run right through the middle and into your backyard for some outdoor playtime. This also makes it really easy for your kids to run around and burn off the energy outside and make your home a family-friendly space to host other kids too.

  1. Friendly Option for Pets

There is nothing worse than your pet having an accident indoors or feeling like they are all cooped up. This door option allows for your pet to easily get into your backyard when they want to run around, want to lie in the sun, or need to go to the bathroom. It also allows you to not have to stop what you are doing to let them outside and equally gives your pets much more independence throughout the day and night. There is nothing worse than hearing pet paws scratching on a door in the middle of the night.

  1. Great for Every Season

Another great reason to get a magnetic screen door is that it works great during every season. Not only are they durable for both warm and cold climates, but are designed to withstand any type of weather that may come through. The type of material it is made from ensures that you will also be able to enjoy looking outside while indoors as the mesh provides tons of visibility.

  1. Easy to Install

Perhaps another great reason why you should get a magnetic door is that they are so easy to install. In fact, you could do it yourself in a matter of minutes.


With so many great reasons to get a magnetic door, why delay in adding this addition to your home? It will allow you to truly enjoy the indoors and outdoors with ease.

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