How to Choose The Right Belt

A belt is an unavoidable accessory in every man’s outfit. From enhancing the overall look of a costume to maintaining the proper fit of attire, the enormous role, a belt plays cannot be neglected. Despite being an accessory with a limitless possibility to deliver fun and stylish fashion outlooks, some still fail to execute their unique fashion statement despite pairing it with various costumes. Therefore, one should purchase mens belts that best suit their taste, body, and choice of clothes.

With the increasing variety of men’s belts available in the market today, choosing the perfect set that best suits a person’s fashion and styling can often be confusing and challenging. Hence it’s crucial to know how to make the best purchase for men’s belts before spending money on the wrong product and regretting forever. Keep reading and successfully purchase the correct belt that best suits your preference, styling techniques, and identity.

Right Size

Finding out the proper waist measurement is the first thing one should consider while purchasing a belt. Add one or two sizes bigger than the actual waistline measurement to get the perfect belt size. For example, an individual with a 35 waist measurement should opt for a size 35 or 36 when it comes to a belt to cover the increase in measure by fabric added to the body. The type of bottom worn with the belt also places a significant role while fixing the correct belt size. For instance, a person opting to wear high waist trousers should consider the difference in measurements accordingly to purchase the right fitted belt.

A Sturdy Buckle 

The buckle is the most significant since it fastens the belt. Being the part of a belt used more often demands durability and strength to keep the belt in place without trouble. That’s why one should purchase a belt with a metal buckle that can withstand everyday use.

Buckle Type 

Different outfits demand different types of mens belts. People should classify their clothes into formals and casuals and roughly determine subcategories for each section before purchase. One should research the kind of belt that goes with each category of clothes and check out the belts accordingly.


Choosing the right belt type is not enough. One should at least have a rough idea about the colour combinations that go well with each other. One can go for neutral colours like black, grey, and brown, which go well with almost every colour. Research the right and wrong colour combinations before purchasing a belt in a different colour to be on the safer side. However, one need not discourage experimenting with different styles and varieties because who knows if that becomes the next trend!


Men’s belts come in many materials these days. One should choose suitable quality material, considering the frequency and purpose of wearing. Daily wear belts require a durable material that withstands quotidian wear and tear. On the other hand, there is no disadvantage in compromising the quality of the strap if the belt is to be worn on special occasions to enhance the outlook of a particular attire.

One need not be confused about choosing the right men’s belts anymore. Anyone can carry any outfit quickly and confidently by selecting the right size, type, and belt colour.

Follow the steps and purchase the best belts to elevate any clothing to the next level.

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