How to Effectively Save the Cardiac Arrest Patients

Pioneer AED company Mindray makes high-quality AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) and can provide good first-aid equipment for sudden cardiac arrest patients. Take a glance at the details.

How to perform resuscitation of sudden cardiac arrest

To rescue patients with sudden cardiac arrest, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) should be performed as soon as possible to keep the blood circulating and provide oxygen to the body’s vital organs, while defibrillation should be performed with an electric shock device to restore the heart to normal. Therefore, we can say that CPR and AED shock are complementary and life-saving partners.

The Importance of AEDs

AEDs should be considered when selecting first aid supplies and equipment. with recent advances in technology, AEDs are now widely available, safe, effective, portable, and easy to use. They provide critical and necessary treatment for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Because of the potential for cardiac arrest and the need for timely defibrillation, it is highly recommended that all workplaces should be equipped with AEDs.

AEDs not only improve the efficiency of first aid, but they also improve public awareness of first aid.


Mindray believes that automated external defibrillation monitors (AEDs) are important life-saving technology and have a role to play in treating cardiac arrest conditions in the workplace.

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