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YES TECH P1.5 LED Display: Dynamic Showcase Activation, Accuracy, and Performance

With the YES TECH P1.5 LED display, you may redefine showcase activation through a convergence of enhanced flatness, precision, and dynamic display capabilities. Set out on a visual excellence adventure with YES TECH.

Increased Flatness and Accuracy

The P1.5 LED display offers exceptional flatness and accuracy because of the use of a die-cast aluminum enclosure. This improves precision and reduces the weight of the display. The PCB integration with the cabinet frame and the placement of the magnetic modules minimize tolerance, improving flatness for smooth images.

Fantastic Viewing Experience

A high refresh rate of 3840Hz guarantees fluid and flicker-free content delivery, enhancing your viewing pleasure. With a contrast ratio of 9000:1 and a broad 170° viewing angle, the P1.5 LED display offers crisp, colorful images and is comfortable for up close viewing.

Dynamic Display

With a brightness of 4000–4500 nits (P1.9/2.6), unleash the power of dynamic display. The P1.5 LED display’s high brightness level makes it perfect for content display in street-side advertising. Bring life to your showcase with striking images that grab the viewer’s attention—even in bright outdoor settings.

Past Conventional Boundaries

The P1.5 LED display’s adaptability reaches beyond past boundaries. Its precision, high refresh rate, and dynamic display capabilities make it an effective instrument for impactful content distribution, whether it is employed in business offices, retail stores, or street-side advertising.


The YES TECH P1.5 LED display creates an immersive visual experience by combining performance, precision, and dynamic display capabilities. With the sophisticated capabilities of the P1.5 LED display from YES TECH, you can enhance your showcase activations, enthrall your audience, and stand out in any setting.

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