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4 Factors to consider when choosing kitchen handles

Adding kitchen handles can be expensive. Yet, several factors have recently dramatically increased Australia’s demand for kitchen handles. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

  • Kitchen efficiency and design have become priorities for Australian businesses and homeowners.
  • The country’s popularity of gourmet and outdoor cooking has also triggered people to rebuild or build new kitchens.

Various kitchen handles in Australia are available in different materials and colours. Whatever you decide, purchase the appropriate ones for your kitchen.

But choosing the right ones is a daunting process.

Also, only suitable materials and construction methods can be crucial in offsetting this costly investment. So, people need to consider certain factors before making a purchase decision.

Read further to know about them.


It is a significant factor as it can make or break the look of your kitchen. Make sure you give enough time to choose the colour as it is a costly investment. There are plenty of colours to choose from in the market.

So, you can select the most appropriate colour to match the existing kitchen or the kitchen you are working on to give a new design. However, the only mandate now is a personal preference. So, explore different options; mix and match different types and pick the ideal ones for your kitchen.


A well-designed kitchen handle will make a difference, so it should be the kitchen’s top goal. An enjoyable cooking experience mainly depends on a comfortable and helpful kitchen handle. A kitchen handle’s weight, feel, and ergonomic fit in hand are all significant factors.

Ensure it is spotless because it is an essential component in any kitchen and frequently the first thing visitors notice when they enter your kitchen. A functional kitchen handle can also significantly simplify your life. Moreover, cooking can get frustrating if you continually fumble with a malfunctioning handle.


The kitchen handles must match the style of the entire kitchen. This does not mean you must select and purchase the same holds and knobs. You can mix and match with so many designs and create a visual variety.

You can also exclusively select handles and knobs based on classic, contemporary and modern themes. Choosing a particular theme can narrow down your choices. If you want your kitchen to be simple and neat, you can also pick the traditional style.

Sustainable kitchen handles in Australia are the trend now. It can be used to achieve the traditional and most subtle look.

Size and positioning

The size and placement of the kitchen handle matter regarding kitchen design. To give the cook the impression that they have easy access to the handles, they should be placed at eye level. They should also be placed close to the wall to avoid obstructing traffic. When selecting handles, it’s crucial to take these factors into account.

Additionally, a kitchen with appropriately sized and placed handles is more straightforward and less likely to result in accidents. The size of the hand should never be neglected when searching for handles. Smaller handles are more comfortable for larger hands, whereas larger handles are comfier for smaller hands.

Thus, these are the top factors one should consider when choosing kitchen handles and knobs. Though it appears to be a time-consuming task, it can be worth the effort. To own a safe and intelligent kitchen, equip it with all the needed handles and knobs.

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