Edmonton Oilers Pushing for the Conference Title

With just two victories behind the Golden Knights, the Edmonton Oilers are definitely giving it their best shot this year. The team has been working hard to consolidate itself at the very top of the Pacific Division’s Western Conference, and they have been neck-and-neck with the Golden Knights, the current Conference leader. Fans have been rooting for the team with renewed strength in light of their impressive track record recently. Just like you would check Online Sports Betting in the Philippines to find your favorite team, so many fans now testified their support for the Oilers who have to bring joy to new and old hockey fans.

Will We See the Oilers in the Stanley Cup Playoffs This Year?

The Oilers are in their Connor McDavid era, and they are doing fairly well. The team made it into the Stanley Cup playoffs back in 2006, but things have been looking up since McDavid was drafted. The team almost managed to make it through to the playoffs back in the 2015/16 season, giving fans renewed hopes that they are rooting for a team that really knows what they are up to.

Fans’ expectations were doubly-reaffirmed when the Oilers finally got a chance to compete in the playoffs the year after in the 2016/17 season. They had an exceptional season in 2017/18 as well but ended up regressing a bit, and that cost them an almost sure entry into the playoffs.

Well, the good news is that they are no longer near giving up on this dream in the 2019/20 season. True, things haven’t been too easy with COVID-19, but the team is still training and preparing for their return. The spread of the virus has impacted teams and sports – that’s for sure, but everyone’s keeping a brave face as it is.

Tom Anselmi has suggested that the league will be returning to regular play very soon and that’s good news for the oilers who are certainly not growing rusty in the interim and preparing to continue.

Where’s the Oiler’s Biggest Strength This Season?

Now, the truth is that the Oilers have been doing pretty well in the 2019/20 season. Yes, there have been some objectors who have argued that the Oilers will slip like they did a year before. We are not quite sure they have a point, though.

The team has really taken almost 14 years to build a team that has all the skills and prerequisites to make it to the final, but this year definitely seems their best in a long while. Now, this is perhaps not entirely true – bar a few woeful seasons, the Oilers have been a fairly strong team with a decent and more importantly – consistent performance. They have repeatedly delivered great results, becoming some of the few teams to have performed well regardless of their lineup.

This goes to show that they have a herd mentality that allows them to play well together. And indeed, the Oilers don’t seem to be blindly led by egoism. If anything, every member on the team’s roster is actually committed towards the ultimate goal, which is – as you have guessed – securing a victory in the end for the team and the season.

Plain and simple. While a Stanley Cup title may yet elude them, the Oilers definitely have the necessary set-up to make a very strong claim on the title this year, and this is precisely what people should expect from them.

With this being said, we will be excited to see how the return of Kassian will affect the team’s prospects at winning an outright title. Of course, some rearrangements can be applied to optimize the roster. For example, Sheahan and Khaira have a very similar built, but the reorganisation of the team’s resources has been going well.

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