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Enhance the Cycling Adventures with NewStar’s Innovative Rear-Mounted Bike Carriers

NewStar, a leading rear mounted bike carriers provider, introduces the NS-BR04, a cutting-edge hitch bike rack designed to enhance your cycling adventures. With its foldable and tilt-back design, anti-theft locking mechanism, and high compatibility, this bike rack offers convenience, security, and durability. NewStar caters to the needs of Amazon e-commerce sellers, brands, and offline hardware stores, providing top-quality rear mounted bike carriers to meet customers’ demands.

Convenient Foldable and Tilt Back Design for Easy Handling

The NS-BR04 features a quick mechanical design that allows users to fold and unfold the rack effortlessly. With the tilt backward design, cyclists can access the rear gates of their vehicles without detaching the hitch rack. This innovative feature saves time and effort, making it a practical choice for cyclists.

Enhanced Security with Anti-Theft Locking Device

NewStar understands the importance of keeping your bikes secure during transport. The NS-BR04 has an anti-theft locking device, providing added stability and peace of mind. Cyclists can trust that their bikes will remain safely in place throughout their journey, regardless of the terrain.

Durability and Fuel Economy for Efficient Cycling

Constructed with reinforced steel, the NS-BR04 is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Its robust design enables it to carry two bikes weighing up to 75 lbs, ensuring durability and reliability. Moreover, rear-mounted bicycle carriers like the NS-BR04 reduce wind resistance compared to roof racks, resulting in potential fuel savings of up to 30%.

High Compatibility and Versatility for Different Bikes

The NS-BR04 is designed to accommodate a wide range of bikes. It can fit 17-29-inch wheels, up to 63-1/3 inch wheelbase, and up to 5-inch tires. A 2-inch receiver and safety strap ensure a secure fit and minimize wobbling during transportation. NewStar’s rear mounted bike carrier offers the versatility to accommodate various bike types and sizes.


Regarding rear mounted bicycle carriers, NewStar is a trusted provider for Amazon e-commerce sellers, brands, and offline hardware stores. The NS-BR04 combines convenience, security, and durability, enhancing your customers’ cycling adventures. Partner with NewStar to offer your customers a reliable and versatile solution for transporting their bikes. Trust in NewStar’s expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality rear-mounted bike carriers, and expand your product offerings with their exceptional range.

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