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Enhance Transport Monitoring with Edan’s iM20

The iM20 transport monitor from Edan is changing the healthcare sector because to its cutting-edge features and easy connectivity. Healthcare personnel may now continuously monitor CO2 levels thanks to the installation of the EFM module, providing continued patient care during transfers. This article looks at how Edan’s iM20 and the EFM module give healthcare professionals more control over transport monitoring.

Seamless Integration for Continuous CO2 Monitoring

Healthcare practitioners may deliver uninterrupted continuous CO2 monitoring  thanks to the easy integration of the iM20 transport monitor with the EFM module. Healthcare professionals can closely monitor a patient’s CO2 levels during transfers by connecting the EFM module to the iM20. By doing away with the need for additional instruments, this seamless integration guarantees an efficient monitoring procedure. Healthcare personnel can quickly make informed decisions based on real-time CO2 data, which improves patient outcomes.

Empowering Healthcare Professionals with Advanced Transport Monitoring

The iM20 transport monitor from Edan is intended to provide enhanced transport monitoring capabilities to healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals can increase the functionality of the iM20 and offer thorough care during transfers by adding the EFM module. The iM20 and EFM module’s integration streamlines the monitoring procedure so that healthcare practitioners can concentrate on delivering high-quality treatment.


Edan’s iM20 transport monitor, combined with the EFM module, is a powerful tool for healthcare professionals in transport monitoring. Edan’s commitment to innovation and reliability empowers healthcare providers with advanced transport monitoring capabilities, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

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