Garters: how to choose, how to wear

Fashion is always moving forward, creating new looks and styles, experimenting with fabrics and textures, shapes and designs, adding diversity and emotions to our lives.

Let’s see what new fashionistas are now using in their wardrobe.

What are Garters?

One of the unusual items of women’s wardrobe are legs garters.

The product is a system of straps intertwined in a certain way, which are worn on the hips and upper leg.

They are usually made of genuine leather, eco-leather, textiles, rubber, chain and other materials.

The most versatile option is leather garter, as it can be worn over clothes as an independent element, or on a naked body like the harness lingerie for sexual foreplay or BDSM.

How Garters appeared

Leg guards are not new women’s clothing, as their history goes back to the 19th century. At this time, they performed a very practical task – to keep hosiery on the legs and lower legs. Moreover, leg garter was popular, because men’s socks sliding down the lower leg were a sign of bad taste and an insecure man.

Later, with the use of elastic fabrics, the need for garters for men’s socks disappeared. So in the fashion industry, they thought about the production of a variation of this accessory only for women. So the first garters for the hip part of the body appeared and gained great popularity. Of course, there were much more variations of models, and over time, they also acquired a different purpose – from practical to aesthetic.

Now they are not only a way for a woman to draw attention to her hips and legs, but also a bold attribute of different subcultures and fashion styles, and they cope with the task of highlighting sexuality no worse than other erotic accessories.

How to wear

There are a lot of options for leather garters models: from simple classic ones to complex weaves and designs. There are models complemented by accessories or decorative elements in the form of stones, rhinestones, sequins and rivets. They have one goal – to draw attention to the legs and hips. Straps on a woman’s body are always sexy, aren’t they?

That is why this attribute is often associated with a sexy erotic image. Leather garter with a harness or underwear, a choker or panties with crochets, this accessory creates a bold image of a temptress or a participant in BDSM games.

This accessory can be quite well combined with ordinary clothes, the main thing is to choose it correctly so that your image is neat and not depraved.

What clothes to combine

In your everyday look, garter belts sets can be combined with almost any clothing, there are no strict rules and restrictions. They go with almost any style of clothing and women harness.

  • Trousers. Best paired with skinny pants and skinny jeans. In this case, it is better to choose garters of simple geometry and contrasting colors. Minimalism of fittings is required.
  • Shorts made of plain fabric look elegant with a harness for woman, and you can choose both contrasting and matching. In combination with a loose-fitting wide tunic, your look will become flying and romantic. Also a win-win combination of garters made of thin interlaced straps over denim shorts. This image looks original and playful.
  • Skirts and sundresses. In combination with skirts, dresses and sundresses, it is better to give preference to models of calf garters, emphasizing their elegance and harmony. The only restriction is the requirement for footwear – it should be simple and low (low shoes, sandals will do), not have large decorative details, buckles. Colors can be matched to the tone of shoes.

Mistakes when choosing garters

It is not recommended to combine garters with sportswear, it looks ridiculous and impractical. It is also worth wearing them on plain clothes.

Do not combine all types of garter models at the same time. An overabundance of harness will make your image ridiculous. When combined garter thigh with erotic paraphernalia like a corset, harness lingerie, a bunny mask, collars slave you need to understand that this is an option for a “special” erotic evening or role-play with your partner, outside of the bedroom or theme party, your image will be misunderstood.

Where to buy

Every woman has her own fantasies and hidden desires. Some want to be sexy in the eyes of men, others want to be bold and confident, and still others want to be elegant and impregnable. Even the same woman can have different preferences at different times. We understand women and therefore our designers and craftsmen experiment and give life to the most unusual designs from simple everyday to extreme erotic options.

We advise you to buy products from trusted brands, so as not to experience disappointment in the process of wearing or at the most inopportune moment of your romantic evening and game. Our online store represents the well-known brand Obsessharness, which makes handmade leather harnesses for high quality materials (Italian leather and fittings).

The store has a convenient exchange and return policy and a guarantee of the confidentiality of your orders. Delivery worldwide.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and change your look.

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