How to Play 6-Card Cards- The Secret to Winning Points Continuously

How to play 6-card card game is always something that players want to explore. A new way of playing with a 52-card deck of cards helps you have a more interesting experience. To know more about this product and the secret to winning, please join  New88today.com to learn more about it in the following article.

Introducing a few features of the 6-card card game

Before finding out How to play 6-card card game, we invite you to learn a little about this game. This product also has other names such as catte, Indian card game.

This game uses a deck of 52 cards, requires 2 – 6 people to start. Each member of the table will have 6 cards placed on their head, so it is called 6-card card game.

This is one of the card games with the simplest way to play, so it is loved by many people. You just need to observe carefully and understand the rules of the game and you can start right away. To improve your playing skills and techniques, you can practice regularly.

A term often used in 6-card poker for new players

How to play 6-card card game The most accurate thing is to clearly understand the terminology system. Below are some commonly used words that you must know before getting started.

  • Dead: If 4 players have 4 cards face down and lose in the first game, it is called dead.
  • Winners: Those who win all betting rounds in the 6-card card game.
  • White win: if you own high-value combinations such as four of a kind, cards of the same suit, cards greater than 5, you will win immediately without having to play another round.
  • Cards: Cards that have been placed face down during play.
  • Show: Cards placed face down in betting round number 5.
  • Existing: The cards you use in the last round of play.

The most accurate 6-card card game rules for beginners

This 6-card card game can be started if there are 2 – 6 people. You need to find a suitable table for yourself or create a table before everyone can join to get started.

  • Round and right of way: How to play 6-card card game is that everyone will go through 6 consecutive rounds. The first round will determine the first player to play first. In the following rounds, the winner will have the right to go first.
  • You have the right to face down or catch cards in the first 4 rounds of the game.
  • If all the cards are of the same suit or 5/6 is a card smaller than 6, it will be considered a win.
  • When playing 6-card card game, you must clearly understand the size of the cards. Four of a kind with larger numbers are considered larger. Four of a kind is also the largest combination followed by 6 cards of the same suit and finally 5 cards with a value less than 6.
  • If everyone at the table chooses to hit or fold, the game is over. In particular, the person who plays the card with the highest value will be kept for use in the next round.

Rules for the remaining cards in round 4

How to play 6-card card game Round 4 is a little different from the remaining card games. Specifically, whoever loses in round 4 will lose all their cards and stop the game. If you still keep the cards in this round, you will be the winner.
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If everyone can survive in this round, the person who makes it to the 6th round will begin to determine victory or defeat.

Summary of the easiest way to play 6-card card game for new players

This game is relatively easy to understand so you will not have much difficulty getting started. If you want to win, you need to pay attention to some of the issues below.

Try to win game 5 of the game

If you win here, you will have the right to place the card on top. This can help increase the odds of winning with a high score while the other person has to face down their cards.

How to play 6-card card game well -Take advantage of the Aces in the first 4 rounds

If you use Aces effectively, you will receive higher rewards in the game. Users should note that if they play Ace in the first 4 games, the reward is only 1/10. However, if you do not use it and leave it until the last round, you will be fined, so you must consider using it as soon as you have the opportunity.

Play cards from low to high

How to play 6-card card game of the experts is to play from high to low like Q, K, Ace play first. If you leave it to the next rounds, the risk of rotting and being fined is very high.


Above are detailed instructions How to play 6-card card game for beginners. This interesting game will help you have a new entertainment experience in your free time. If you grasp  New88’s secrets above, bettors can absolutely earn more money from their passion.

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