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Improve API Trading Efficiency: Online Platform Pharma Source

Whether it is the portal era, the browser era, or the industrial Internet era, business is user-centered, and only when there are users will there be traffic. Once the traffic problem is solved, the conversion rate becomes especially important. Pharma sources is a one-stop online active pharmaceutical ingredients trade platform combining supply and demand, which can provide a platform for enterprises and demand side to match each other and realize the conversion of traffic and economic benefits.

Pharma sources integrate supply chain resources

Pharma sources’ integrated platform has been continuously adapted and upgraded to provide a more comprehensive service to companies, integrating supply chain resources from around the world to provide integrated trade support services.

Pharma sources have created a B2B platform that puts the entire transaction process on an online platform, data-driven, and data-visualized, making the transaction process truly traceable and thus providing a fully integrated supply chain resource.

This includes pre-sales inquiry and price comparison, payment and settlement during the transaction process, logistics and delivery after the order is placed, and after-sales service after the delivery is completed.


The B2B platform, represented by Pharma sources, provides great convenience for information exchange and communication among enterprises, supply chain, and demand side. Pharma sources platform can provide API manufacturers with a new trade solution. Visit their website for more information.

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