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Frecon FR150A Series Multifunctional Inverter: Versatile and Easy to Install

The Frecon FR150A Series Multifunctional Inverter is designed to provide powerful and easy-to-install solutions for various industrial applications. Frecon VD supplies single-phase to three-phase inverters that cater to a wide range of power needs, from 0.2 to 160 kW. This versatile Frecon invert series is suitable for several types of motors, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in diverse operational settings.

Key Features

The Frecon FR150A Series Multifunctional Inverter supports standard and special application wiring configurations. For standard applications, it can be used with three-phase 380V asynchronous motors (three-phase 380V input/three-phase 0-380V output) and three-phase 220V asynchronous motors (single-phase 220V input/three-phase 0-220V output). For special applications, users are encouraged to contact Frecon for specific wiring needs, such as single-phase 220V input or single-phase 220V asynchronous motors with single-phase 0-220V input. This makes the FR150A Series an ideal general purpose inverter for a variety of industrial uses.


The Frecon FR150A Series is widely used in various industries, providing robust and reliable performance across a range of power requirements. Its compatibility with different motor types and flexible wiring options make it a versatile solution for numerous industrial applications.


In conclusion, the Frecon FR150A Series Multifunctional Inverter is a powerful, easy-to-install solution for industrial needs. With its broad power range and adaptable wiring configurations, this Frecon invert ensures reliable performance and versatility, catering to the diverse requirements of modern industrial environments. As a leading general purpose inverter, Frecon continues to lead the way in delivering innovative and high-quality inverters that meet the evolving needs of their customers. Experience the reliability and efficiency of the Frecon FR150A Series and elevate industrial applications.

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