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Optimize Your Fitness Routine with Fitcare’s HW851 Armband Heart Rate Monitor

Fitcare‘s HW851 Armband Heart Rate Monitor is a specialized arm heart rate sensor tailored for swimming and professional fitness activities. This optical heart rate sensor excels in high-intensity interval training, providing users with precise and reliable heart rate feedback to enhance their performance and prevent sports-related injuries. With its focus on accuracy and durability, the HW851 is a top choice for individuals looking to elevate their workout experience.

Advanced Sensor Technology for Precision Tracking

The HW851 employs the PerformTek Professional Chip, powered by Valencell technology, and features a configuration of two green and one yellow optical sensor array. This innovative setup ensures accurate heart rate measurements during exercise, enabling users to achieve targeted training goals with precision. The sophisticated sensor technology of this optical heart rate monitor guarantees performance excellence, even in the most demanding workout scenarios.

Intelligent Feedback and Safety Features

Equipped with an LED display featuring five colors to indicate heart rate zones, the HW851 allows users to effortlessly monitor their heart rate by observing color changes in real time. To provide an additional layer of safety, the arm heart rate sensor offers a vibration alert system that activates when the heart rate exceeds the maximum threshold (MHR). This proactive feature helps users avoid overexertion and potential injuries during intense training sessions, ensuring a safe and effective workout experience.

Specialized Design for Swimming Enthusiasts

Designed with a professional waterproof feature, the HW851 is optimized for swimming training, allowing users to track their heart rate accurately even while immersed in water. The waterproof design ensures reliable performance in aquatic environments, making this heart rate monitor ideal for swimmers looking to monitor their heart rate and optimize their training sessions effectively.


Fitcare’s HW851 Armband Heart Rate Monitor sets a new standard in arm heart rate monitoring, offering advanced sensor technology, intelligent feedback systems, and specialized features for swimming activities. With its precision tracking capabilities, safety enhancements, and waterproof design, the HW851 is a versatile and reliable fitness tool for individuals seeking to maximize their workout performance and overall health.

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