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Harmonize Your Salon Experience with Panda Plus by ESD Acoustic: Premium Sound System

With Panda Plus from ESD Acoustic, you can uplift the mood of your salon. This top-of-the-line sound system for salon is made to provide your clients with a calming, immersive experience. Whether you’re playing upbeat playlists or soothing background music, Panda Plus produces rich, dramatic sound quality that fills your salon and makes your clients feel better about themselves overall.

Revolutionary Diaphragm Technology
Panda Plus utilizes state-of-the-art foiled beryllium diaphragms from Truextent, which offer excellent resolution and little distortion. This sound system will turn your salon into a serene, immersive environment thanks to its lightweight, robust construction and cutting-edge titanium sandwich diaphragms.

Enhanced Ambience with Stunning Audio
Bring ESD Acoustic’s Panda Plus to your salon and witness firsthand the revolutionary potential of its exceptional sound quality. The ambiance of your salon may be elevated to new heights with Panda Plus’s immersive environment created with its exceptional audio performance and cutting-edge technology. Panda Plus provides crystal-clear music that elevates every occasion, whether you’re hosting a vibrant and active styling session or a tranquil and restorative spa day.

Adaptable Soundscapes for Any Event
You may customize the sound experience with Panda Plus to fit any situation. Use calming music to create a relaxing mood for massages and facials, or use lively music to liven up the area during hectic style sessions. Because of Panda Plus’s adaptability, you can choose the ideal music for each service, making sure that your customers are at ease, refreshed, and fully present.


You may customize the experience to your liking with Panda Plus by ESD Acoustic, the greatest sound system for salons that create a soothing and captivating ambiance. Make sure your clients have an unforgettable salon experience by providing them with exceptional sound quality. Elevate the degree of comfort and elegance in your salon by learning about the benefits of Panda Plus.

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