Keep A Food Journal For A Week

Write down absolutely everything that you put in your belly water included for seven days (or longer, if necessary) so you can figure out your patterns. Include time, quantity and how hungry you felt on a scale of 1–10. Make a note about what physical activity you did that day as well; there’s usually a correlation between exertion and hunger. The more information you put in your journal, the more data you have to analyze and figure out your patterns.


If your stomach is grumbling, there’s a good chance you’ll overeat or snack on something unhealthy. You’re more prone to ignore the unhealthiness of your snack or overdo the portions in your impulse to fill your belly. Eating smaller meals more often throughout the day is the easiest way to combat the tummy grumbles and avoid sabotaging your daily food intake.

Spend More Time In The Produce Aisle Of Your Grocery Store.

Fresh veggies require a little more effort than grabbing french fries at a drive-through, but one builds healthy bodies and the other builds love handles. Experiment with adding a green pepper to your morning omelet in place of bacon or have an apple instead of a candy bar.

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Take A Picture Of Your Food And Drink Before You Eat It

This helps you remember what you ate, when you ate it and the portion size. Often, when you’re really hungry, you overlook all the extra calories in that meal the cheese, condiments, bacon, etc. If your food came in a package that has a label, take a picture of that, too. Balanced nutrition starts with knowing the nutritional value of your food. Use those labels to help with planning your protein, carbohydrate, fat and calorie intake.

Soda pop, lemonade, energy drinks, beer they taste so good and are a huge part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, they’re also a huge part of our daily caloric intake. A quick web search shows that the average American consumes approximately 400 calories a day from sugary beverages. Those 146,000 extra calories can translate into as much as 40 pounds of weight gain a year. Here’s the great news: If you cut sugary drinks out of your daily fluid intake and drink quarts of ice cold water a day, you’ll benefit from:

  • Cutting hundreds of calories (and chemicals) from your daily intake.
  • Burning more calories (part I) ice cold water makes your body work harder to warm it to body temperature.
  • Burning more calories (part II) the more hydrated you are, the more often you’ll urinate. Each trip to the restroom will force you to get up from your desk and be active.
  • Regulating your blood pressure, transporting nutrients and keeping all your bodily systems running smoothly.


The more you can avoid processed foods, the healthier you’ll be. Meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds don’t have nutrition facts labels on them because you know what nutritional value they contain. While I’m not advocating a full-on diet change, the Paleo diets are very effective in helping some individuals get healthier and lean. I suggest meeting in the middle—fewer processed foods than you eat now and more healthier real foods. If you’re vegetarian or gluten intolerant, you’ll need to adjust any food intake to meet your dietary restrictions.

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